We are a crew of FPV pilots and videomaker from Turin dedicated to content creation. Our goal? To produce unique videos and tell your stories in an engaging way across diverse contexts. If you’re curious about what we can do for you, find all our services here!!

Our story began in 2020when we decided to turn our budding passion for drones into reality, building and piloting the first builds of what would later become our official fleet. But our love for flight started much earlier, back in 2012 with the maiden flight of a Parrot AR (made of polystyrene). Thankfully, technology (and our approach) has evolved since then.

Since then, we’ve gained extensive experience and logged countless hours in simulators and flying in various contexts. Today, we have over a dozen custom FPV builds always ready for takeoff, and our bench is constantly loaded with projects and ideas. If you want to see some of our most interesting builds, click here!!

From simple pilots to a cultural association and now a video agency: we embrace change! In 2023 we also launched our first e-commerce dedicated to drones and FPV world.

We’re not just passionate dreamers and creative pilots; we’re also recognized professionals. We are certified pilots holding EASA A1-A2-A3 (formerly CRO, for operations in critical and urban scenarios) and ITA STS-01 and ITA STS-02 (Specificcertifications, with regular insurance to operate in Italy and throughout Europe. We constantly train to improve our skills and be ready for every new challenge and scenario.

If you want to see some of our work, check out our portfolio below.

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GOPRO Million Dollar Challenge 21

2021 started with the official birth of FpvFlow and ended with an unexpected and dreamed award: the GoPro Million Dollar Challenge. Our video was selected among more than 27.000 clips submitted by 131 countries, together with 61 content creators from all over the world, to be part of the official promo of the GoPro Hero 10 camera

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Every year, we gather the best clips we produce to edit our showreel. This was our wild 2023, condensed into just over a minute. What will this year have in store for us?

Che cosa ci riserverà quest’anno? 

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My wingman in Costa Smeralda

A unique setting like the Emerald Coast for an FPV flight side by side with the seaplane of Salvatore Biddau, flight instructor and pilot of the San Teodoro Airfield, ready to share with us his perspective and inspire our trajectories.

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We stepped into the heart of the Verona Arena on the premiere night of Zeffirelli's Carmen, celebrating the centenary of the Arena Opera Festival, embarking on a unique journey behind the scenes of the amphitheater. From behind the curtains to the stage, we captured through our FPV lens the unforgettable experience offered by a legendary and historically rich venue like this

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best of turin wake park 23

The best of the 2023 season at Turin Wake Park with athletes from the Italian National Wakeboard Team, who are also National, European, and World Champions in 2023. Amidst splashes of water and insane tricks, there wasn’t a moment’s pause for our build, WaterKnot.

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TrailParade is the new challenge for Enduro MTB enthusiasts: a 7-day race in the heart of the Maritime Alps, featuring (almost) secret trails and breathtaking landscapes, spanning Italy and France. To shoot this promotional, we ventured along the race tracks to reveal some of the locations that will soon witness the adrenaline-fueled descents of TrailParade

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Transvaraita Bike 23

An adrenaline-fueled journey in the heart of the Alps, for the Transvaraita Bike 2023 edition! Witness the passion, skills and determination of these athletes as they push their limits in one of the most picturesque landscapes in Piedmont

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Master gommoni

When we attended Genoa Boat Show 2022 we set sail along the genoese coast to chase two top-notch models, 775 and 995, by Master Gommoni. With a maximum of 700 HP the 995 powerboat of the Sicilian shipyard was a hard prey to catch for our long-range drone!

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The video that allowed us to win the GoPro Million Dollar Challenge is a celebration of the beauty of Portofino village, the symbol of Dolce Vita and Italy in the world

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When a snowboard champion like Ian, part of the national freestyle snowboarding teamand an FPV drone meet among the kickers and rails of a snow park, the result can only be explosive

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The “Ligurian Mountains High Route” is a hiking trail that spans along the whole region of Liguria, full of breathtaking views. With our Long Range drones (but not only those) we explored the Faiallo Pass and its surroundings, and we discovered what it can offer as seasons change, in this route that runs through the “Parco del Beigua Unesco Global Geopark”

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TO Dream – techbau italia

We had the chance to fly in the brand new and impressive Techbau construction site in Turin, a multinational leading in the real estate sector, to shoot for their institutional video. https://www.techbau.it/ https://www.techbau.it/

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Sardinia will never cease to surprise with its many and varied beauties. From the turquoise and crystal-clear sea to the wild and rugged hinterland there’s no panorama that doesn’t deserve to be told.

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Among the highest artificial waterfalls in Europe, Marmore waterfall will leave the observer speechless thanks to its lush vegetation and majesty. Thanks to our waterproof treatment we managed to fly surrounded by mist and water splashes, resisting wind gusts too, in order to capture in a video the power and energy of this beautiful location luogo

Videomaker Droni FPV Torino
Alessandro Panzalis RALEY Wakeboard FPV Drone

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